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I fall in love several times a day! I serve through unconditional love and inspire the truest essence of you.

I embody full feminine softness in unwavering presence so that you can show up and embody your strong masculinity.


I see and invoke the masculine strengths at the core of you.


Cause you deserve love! I want you to be all that you are meant to be in purpose, presence, and passion. 

Your playful liberated heart is the greatest gift to us. And really, we can't do it without you!

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When the men heal, our world can move forward. It is not possible for the women alone to create what is needed. The collaborative efforts of our consciousness-- combining forces to participate in a new story, a new love-- is what is required. 


I don’t have the full vision-- none of us do. I love the masculine, love my brothers in healing, and desire to serve as I may to accelerate the blessings.

I am built to aid the masculine in evolving :

- In safe intimacy

- In spaces of deep healing

- By bearing witness to your truth

- In invoking the essence of you to come forward and play

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Living a life of purpose and passion is the goal! Finding your purpose is not the challenge. It’s quite obvious and titillating. 


To live that purpose is the trick. Society has not been set up to make this easy.


But we’re writing the new story! Unraveling from conditioning and healing the wounds is the next step in your evolution. 


Passion informs your actions and I know exactly how to guide you through it.

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Shamanism is an ancient and beautiful art. Individualized for each practitioner, it's how spirit and matter come together. 


A shaman will explore beyond the physical world and into the invisible realms of ancestry, past lives, and unseen influences to address whatever may be inhibiting the flow of your life force.


Shamanic healing is sophisticated tech that tends the deepest levels for lasting benefit.



Everyone has superpowers. These are not skills magically gained. They are the keys of your greatest potential already in you. Seeds waiting to come to fruition.


I am a master gardener, an activator of these keys. I am Oracle who sees and guides visions into realization. 


It is my pleasure to help you live your purpose.


It is my mission to help you bring into being what You came here to create.


My Story

Hey, I'm Andye!

I have served as priestess and shaman for over 20 years. As a projector (human design) I hold a vision of the world to come.


From leading an Egyptian Mystery School, guiding shamanic, energetic, and galactic activations, teaching the Akashic Records, to plunging into my own plant medicine journeys, I thrive in the spiritual.


But now my mission is firmly boots on the ground.

In 2022, I heard the call to serve the men. I was imbalanced, seeking of the masculine rather than in harmony with it. Maybe you’ve known women like this. ...It isn’t sexy.


I knew I needed to heal my internal relationship before I could answer this call. I am admittedly very feminine... and it's luscious when it is properly attuned. Messy when out of balance.


I devoted my full attention to restoring balance with my inner masculine. I played and discovered what was the true masculine expression. And I know how to trust and love it fully.


That changed everything!

With healing, insights, and passions aligned, my purpose is ignited and lands me here now. In full ass service to helping you achieve the You of your boldest dreams.

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