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When men are ready to heal, they heal fast

Why We Need the Divine Masculine


We are all divine beings, here with unique purpose and to live a life of wild fulfillment.


The women* have focused on their personal well-being and  spiritual growth, they live in more embodied authenticity and joy. There is a gap, a divide even, between the awakening women and men... and I want to help close it. 


We want you men to join us in the evolution.

We need your inspired vision, ways, and presence to catapult us forward together.


Our combined efforts are a mighty force of creation. 


Because, you deserve love!

And more than anything, I want You to rise into your purpose as the divine being you are.

Sacred Feminine

Who is the Sacred Feminine?

The Sacred Feminine is intuitive, compassionate, magical, and radiant. She is honoring of her yin, her stillness, her knowing. She trusts the cycles of creation and yields to the true expression of the Divine Masculine. The Sacred Feminine Knows. From deep within she Trusts. With eyes that cannot see, she Sees. The wounded feminine is out of harmony with the masculine and herself. She acts out of pain and often inflicts this on those around her. She does so unconsciously and often feels badly for it. The cycle of blame is easiest and she cannot readily find her way out. The healed feminine is able to alchemize -- harvesting the gold from these wounds, understanding her part in it, and offers it as enlightened compassion to others. She is a powerhouse and radiates with grace and beauty. She has done her work to integrate her own masculine self. This is a thriving relationship, as she trusts and respects the inner masculine as the “doing” component of self. Because of her wild witness in these cycles of polarity, she is more readily able to see and experience the divinity of the masculine. This feminine loves the masculine knowing his innate playful curiosity, sincerity, and potential to make things happen. She lives in the dance of creation. Heeding the flux of yin - stillness and yang - action. If you’ve ever encountered such a woman, you will be changed for the better!

What to Expect in Session

Just as each day is unique, so too is each session. We meet where you are and address whatever is arising. Our big goal --always-- is to bring you to a life of more Purpose. You will encounter the limitations and obstacles that have kept you from your fully expressed greatness. We’ll talk between sessions and clean it up as we go.

What’s Included: 


Bi-weeky Sessions

  • We meet every 2 weeks by Zoom or in person

  • Insightful conversations to guide our time together

  • Shamanic healing to clear the blocks

  • Processing to help you navigate intimacy, emotions, and greater presence

  • Integration to see with divine perspective to gain power from whatever life situations arise


WhatsApp Access

  • Ongoing support between sessions, cause life won’t wait for us to catch up


Online Men’s Group (coming soon)

  • Connect with other spiritually attuned men going through the unique growth edges you may be facing

  • Healing in community is a catalyst but not at all a requirement

What Changes During our Work Together?

Everything. But don’t let that scare you.


What is holding you back must go away. Space is made for your evolution, your radical joy, and your purpose and pleasure to come center stage.

Skills Gained: 

  • Presence

  • Awareness

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Accessing inner resources

  • Engaging in safe Intimacy

  • Making a bigger impact in the world

  • Activating your magick (for those who are ready... cause working with a keeper of a Mystery School is bound to turn on your super powers!)



Men find passion through purpose. Passion and pleasure is beyond sexual. Nothing sexual is offered nor implied in session. Therapeutic touch (fully clothed) in the form of shamanic and energy healing is offered with your consent to those who choose in person sessions. 



All sessions are held in total confidence. Professional ethics are inherent in this safe container of healing. 

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