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Work with Me

Coaching from the Pure Heart of the Sacred Feminine

To Ignite the Highest Potential of the Divine Masculine


No one really likes a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am. One session kinna feels like a 1 night stand. I enjoy being in relationship, creating lasting trust and intimacy that allows you to move into new ways of being.


Why Coaching?


Sure, 1 session changes lives-- I’ve heard it many times over the years. But to move you from the present into the lived potential of you, ongoing coaching is how we best engage. 


Rates and duration are custom tailored for you and will be discussed in our Discovery Call.




To become self-created, you must know YOU. Our signature program is the Self-Created Man. The mission is to live life purpose, to move you into passion, to bring forth the most authentic version of you. There’s nothing wrong with you. Most often you don’t know how -- How to heal, how to feel, how to move through the sticky shit that you’ve tucked away in corners. That’s my job! As an insanely intuitive woman and shaman, I guide you in the ways of coming more fully online to your passion and purpose. To trust yourself and the knowings that arise from within. While it may seem daunting, I promise you, with me by your side, it will be the most You you’ve ever been!



You who are ready for the Visionary path will be Self-Created, Authentic Men living purpose. We’ll engage in the Path of the Visionary together. Combining the focused attentions of the Divine Masculine and Sacred Feminine to bring something uniquely yours into form. There's an intimacy, an alchemy, a combining of forces that by design brings your visions into form. An overlapping of energies to help bring something new into being. From the formless (feminine) into form (masculine). This is a co-creative journey. Perhaps it's a business, an invention, a project that lives deep within you. This is yours to bring the world and I am your partner in creation to ensure it comes into being.

Tune Up


When is a 1 off perfect? If we’ve worked together in the past and you need a check-in, a lil pick me up, or a reset from the reality of life circumstances, book this. The Tune Up is a lil light clearing to support your own deeper work.

Your Partner in Purpose

There are a ton of great coaches, therapists, and guides out there. If you’re feeling drawn to me, set up a Discovery Call to see how our energies jive.


I show up in my full feminine to match you in your strong masculine. This is the most natural of energies.


I don’t need anything from you. Rather I see the truest expression of you and desire to bring it more fully into form.


A woman in her softness inspires you in your core. A woman with whom you are not romantically involved and can be honest with is a catalyst to your growth. 


Through the interplay of dialog, healing, and the safety to express all of you, more of you comes online.


Men find pleasure through living purpose. Your purpose will bring massive fulfillment and wild success! I am the lucky lady who gets to illuminate the path to your passion. 


When you show up in all of you,

as all of you,

the universe celebrates.

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