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Where Passionate Men Fulfill Their Potential


Purpose, Presence, Passion

We are in a pivotal time. The Divine Masculine is rising. Your Purpose, Presence, and Passion will lead you forward. I answer the call to serve the Men who are fulfilling your highest potential…. To serve men like You.

Unique coaching from the pure heart of the Sacred Feminine may be exactly the key to bring you into your self-created mastery. 

A Self-Created Man is the embodied authentic self. You vibrate with inner authority and command your world into being -- not by force -- but with your aligned and mighty presence. You in your most natural frequency radiate and become a beacon for those around you. 

Precisely as you were divinely designed.



For over 20 years I have served as Shaman, Priestess, and Oracle to guide others into a life of  vibrancy, purpose, and radical joy.

My Mission is now clear:

Serve the Men. Heal the Planet.

I love you men and desire nothing more than to guide you to show up fully in your Authentic Expression of your Divinely Masculine Fine Ass Self.


Men Heal Differently

We are in a freakin' evolution!


Sure, therapy and plant medicine are wondrous allies. But admittedly, nothing is a quick fix. You men are upgrading and need to be met where you are on your path of well being.

- Men heal faster

- Men need safe places to practice emotional intimacy

- Men heal better when processing outside of personal relationships

- The true masculine is playful, powerful, and passionately creative

- A healed man is more attractive, successful, and confident. These men partner with the most glorious women to cultivate a new way of being, calling forth a new story of love for our world.


Having guided thousands of people into more fulfillment and purpose, Andye now tunes into the unique needs of the Divine Masculine. When men live in their purpose, a new joy is expressed that will accelerate the healing of the planet.

All coaching programs include:

- Bi-Weekly Sessions (in-person or via Zoom)

- What's App access between sessions

- Men's Group (coming Fall 2023)

Each session is a unique blend of shamanic healing, life purpose alignment & the witness of the Sacred Feminine to live as your most authentic self!

The Principles of the Self-Created Man



Andye, I feel Valued and Respected.  And for a man, these two qualities are HUGE!!  I have realized that these two qualities have been lacking in my life.  Working with you, my relationship with the Divine Feminine is changing.  


Your coaching calls in very Alpha males; strong, powerful men who impact their worlds to a great degree! I believe working with you and engaging in this new dynamic, as we bring in the New Masculine, is exactly what our world needs in this time needs!  The masculine is not Toxic!  The Masculine is Divine and healthy and desperately NEEDED!  Working with you, we are bringing that new Masculine more alive and more into our reality. 


This is WORLD changing stuff! 

- David


Andye, I don't know where I would be if I hadn't found you. I am the man I am because of the loving attention you have gifted to me.

- Randy


Thank you from the bottom of

My heart.

That was some of the deepest most honest work I've ever done. 

I felt safe, held and accepted!


You are truly tapped into your gifts!

- Joshua

Stay in Touch

Yesss, I'm so glad we can stay connected.

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